Platinium Experience – Road & Track Adria Circuit 430 Challange

Platinium Experience – Road & Track Adria Circuit 430…

Thursday evening

Transfer to Hotel Villa Maranello from Bologna Airport


Dinner Hotel Villa Maranello Restaurant Retrogusto



Tour Maserati Factory
Italy is home to the best motoring attractions offering travelers opportunities to experience the heritage and tech evolution that underpinned human culture.
Learn about the skills involved in producing the most stylish sports cars by taking a tour of the Maserati plants in Modena.
Lasting about an hour and thirty minutes, the exclusive factory tour includes a welcome reception and historical introduction in the recently renovated showrooms prior to a guided walk around the assembly line. Afterwards there is the opportunity to view the cars and browse through the Maserati store.


Tour Lamborghini Museum and Factory
Guided tour of the production lines: an experience among skillful craftsmanship and advanced technology:

  • In the lovingly preserved original factory
- Step by step through the assembly of the amazing V12 Aventador
  • The leather, customizations and interiors
- The sophisticated chassis and carbon fiber bodywork
  • The powerful engine, gearbox, transmission, suspension and brakes
  • The finished car, ready for testing

Only by seeing is it possible to understand why these magical Italian sports cars are desired and loved across the whole world.



Tour Zonda Pagani Factory and Museum


Dinner Hotel Villa Maranello Restaurant Retrogusto



Museum MEF Modena Enzo Ferrari


Museum Ferrari Maranello



Race Kart Experience
Model: GO KART TB 270cc – 10 minutes of qualifying, 3 Races (10 laps)


Dinner Hotel Villa Maranello Restaurant Retrogusto


Road & Track Experience Adria Circuit 430 Challenge with Lunch Stop

For those who don’t want to give up to the thrill of the raceway we propose this extreme Driving package “Adria Ferrari Challenge” with which the guests will have the opportunity to test a true competition car on track. The experience can be combined with a Road Tour in Ferrari for a luxury transfer from Maranello to Adria and back (Full Day rental). They will start at the wheel of the supercars for a 2-hours-drive to reach the race circuit, gradually gaining confidence with the car and be ready to unleash its extreme power experiencing the true performance on the track.
The guests will be always accompanied by a professional instructor, who will provide the essential information they need to make their experience at the wheel of these incredible supercars absolutely unforgettable.

Before starting the experience on circuit an expert pilot will provide a technical detailed briefing, showing the racetrack and the behaviour to keep during the drive, in order to obtain the maximum performance from the test.

Included professional track session photos, and telemetry study with engineer

For a complete package we offer the chance to reach Adria racetrack behind
the wheel of a Ferrari. The guests will be driving the supercars for a 2-hours-Tour towards the circuit and have them available at the end of the track test for the transfer back to Maranello. They will be able to change model on the return trip, in order to experience different cars.

Elite Models at disposal:
1 California Turbo, 2 California Turbo HS, 1 FF, 1 Ferrari 458 Spider, 1 Ferrari 488 Spider


Dinner Hotel Villa Maranello Restaurant Retrogusto



Transfer to Bologna Airport

Pobierz Pakiet Platynowy – Road & Track Adria Circuit 430 Challange